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12 Online Games You Can Play With Students of Any Age

12 Games You Can Play With Online Students of Any Age 

30 minutes can feel like a long time for students. Especially online students. About mid-lesson I like to take a two to four-minute break and play a game. These games are great because you don’t need any additional materials. You can play them anytime! These games work well in-person too.

I want these games to be fun and I also want them to build my student’s musicianship. Here are 12 games you can play instantly online without any special materials or downloads.

1 – Name that tune. Roll a dice or choose a number (two through six) play the notes from a song or piece the student knows and see if he can guess the song. Take turns with your student guessing and playing.

2 – Major or minor. Play a passage in a major or minor key and see if your student can tell the difference.

3 – Chord qualities. Start with just major and minor chords have your student identify the chord qualities. Take turns with your student and have her play the chords as well. Add new chords qualities as your student increases in proficiency.

4 – Stump the Professor. This is my favorite. Ask your student to choose any piece from her book and you will sight-read it. One tip is to anticipate that your students will usually ask for the most difficult-looking pieces. So if sight-reading isn’t your forte you might want to go over these ahead of time.

5 – Name the instrument. Pull up a YouTube video featuring an instrument other than the piano. Don’t show it to them and see if they can name the instrument and the instrument family by listening to it.

6 – What is the genre? Play a few bars of Blues, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Pop etc. Your student gets to try and figure out what you are playing.

7 – Who is the composer. Play a snippet of a piece and see if your student can figure out who wrote it. A variation on this would be to name the period in musical history in which the place was written.

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