Beginning Solos & Duets

Beginning Solos & Duets


Paloma Piano - Crooked Forest - Cover
Crooked Forest

Paloma Piano - Snow Bunting - Cover
Snow Bunting

Paloma Piano - Midnight Moon - Cover
Midnight Moon

Paloma Piano - Follow Me - Cover
Follow Me

Paloma Piano - Fall Collection Cover
Five Pieces for Fall

Warm and Green - Cover
Warm and Green

Simple Variations in Phrygian Mode - Cover
Simple Variations in Phrygian Mode

Bingo - Cover

Paloma Piano - Tranquil - Cover
Tranquil – A Motivational Piece

Paloma Piano - Caballito Blanco - Cover
Caballito Blanco – Duet

Paloma Piano - Grandma's Yarn - Cover
Grandma’s Yarn

Paloma Piano - L' Abe Igi Orombo - Cover
L’ abe igi Orombo

Paloma Piano - October Ostinato - Cover
October Ostinato

Paloma Piano - Scribble
Scribble – A Motivational Piece

Paloma Piano - Simple Gifts - Cover
Simple Gifts – A Motivational Piece

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