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10 Great Piano Teaching Games Using Chopsticks

By Doreen Hall  /  June 9, 2018
Like most teachers, I always have an eye out for things that I can use when I am teaching. I...
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How to Draft a Piano Studio Policy

By Doreen Hall  /  June 7, 2018
There are always questions coming up about studio policies. Recently I was asked to help draft a studio policy for...
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Create Your Own Hands-on Piano Piano Activities

By Doreen Hall  /  June 6, 2018
Hands-on is Helpful. I live in Cleveland Ohio in the U.S. There is a large and vibrant classical music community...
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Teaching Piano Teachers Part One

By Doreen Hall  /  June 6, 2018
I remember my very first piano teaching job at a music store in New York. I got the job because...
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A Heart for Teaching Piano Teachers

By Doreen Hall  /  June 6, 2018
Here is the second part of last week's blog post. A heart for teaching piano teachers. Continued. Everything has a...
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Piano Studio Etiquette 101

By Doreen Hall  /  June 6, 2018
Here's a post I plan to publish at pianoparents.net. I thought piano teachers might find it entertaining. I would love...
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10 Ways to Make your Piano Studio More Profitable

By Doreen Hall  /  April 10, 2018
  I don't know about you, but I feel like things are getting more and more expensive and money is...
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Preschool Piano Skills and Goals

By Doreen Hall  /  October 16, 2017
What does it mean to be the best piano teacher in town? It means having preschool piano skills and goals...
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Why Do We Need a Piano and What Type Should We Get?

By Doreen Hall  /  August 11, 2017
Why do we need a piano and what type should we get? Students need a piano because they need to...
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Discovering Peace and Prosperity

By Doreen Hall  /  June 23, 2017
I am so honored and excited to present this guest post from my friend and colleague Sarah Buckley, owner of...
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Why Teach Music History to Piano Students?

By Doreen Hall  /  May 23, 2017
Music History...Music History! Are you still with me? Why teach music history to piano students? Honestly, I used to hate my...
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Time to Say Goodbye

By Doreen Hall  /  May 3, 2017
How and When to Let Go of a Piano Student Ashley is an eighth-grader and she's one of my favorite...
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By Doreen Hall  /  January 15, 2017
Sight-reading piano music is no easy task! Actually reading piano music at all is no easy task. Being able to...
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Free Piano Sheet Music

By Doreen Hall  /  October 9, 2016
The other night I desperately needed to print out a simple version of “Amazing Grace” for a Tuesday night choir...
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9 Tips for Teaching Teenage Beginning Piano Students

By Doreen Hall  /  September 25, 2016
I started learning the piano at age 12. Which is kind of late musically speaking. The fact is the earlier...
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Understanding Parents and Caregivers

By Doreen Hall  /  September 11, 2016
Chapter 14 - Understanding Parents and Caregivers “Expect the best and people will rise to the occasion.” ~ James Kerr...
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Teaching Piano Students to be “Let Go” Players

By Doreen Hall  /  August 28, 2016
Piano Students Need to Let Go! Nicholas was playing the Beethoven Minuet in G Major when he suddenly lost his...
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Overachieving Piano Students

By Doreen Hall  /  June 30, 2016
The Overachieving Student Overachieving piano students, We love them! In fact, most of the piano teachers are overachievers so we...
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10 Tips For Accurate Piano Playing

By Doreen Hall  /  June 5, 2016
 Accurate Piano Playing “Ms. Doreen, which instrument is the easiest to play?” I get this question quite often. Though I'm...
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Playing Piano Over the Summer

By Doreen Hall  /  May 15, 2016
I posted this article about why students should continue playing piano over the summer last year I am reposting it...
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