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“The Happiest Piano teacher in Town” will show you how I learned to,
Get students to practice regularly and what to do when they don’t
Deal with all kinds of parents
Get paid fairly and on time
Come up with a studio policy that fits your life
Develop a “Teaching Blueprint” that showcases your expertise
Create your own unique studio culture
Know when to when to dismiss students and how to do it without creating hard feelings
Take good care of yourself
Balance work and family
Teach through those days when you are not feeling well physically or emotionally
Rediscover the joy of music and piano teaching
And much more.

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10 Tips for Teaching Transfer Piano Students

Transfer Piano Students

“Hello…Ms. Hall?” “Yes, this is she” “My name is Sherry I am looking for a new piano teacher for my daughter Angie do you have any openings in your studio for  transfer piano students?”

“Hmm, a transfer piano student,” I think to myself. Am I excited to get a student who can play well and is ready for some great repertoire? Or am a filled with trepidation thinking about all of the remediations I may have to do? To be honest, a little bit of both. But transfer students are part of the game so here are 10 tips that will help you book those transfer students have great success.

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