L abe Igi Orombo

"L abe Igi Orombo" means "Under the Orange Tree". What better way is there for "Piano Kids" to learn about the world around them than to play music from other cultures. This easy arrangement of the Nigerian Folksong features lively rhythm and a beautiful melodic line.

Children in Nigeria have many of their own traditions, usually singing games. These are most often call-and-response type songs, using archaic language. Children also use instruments like un-pitched raft zithers (made from cornstalks) and drums made from tin cans, a pipe made from a pawpaw stem and a jaw harp made from a sorghum stalk. Among the Hausa, children play a unique instrument in which they beat rhythms on the inflated stomach of a live, irritated pufferfish. Wikipedia

Traditional instruments


Listen to "L' abe Igi Orombo"

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