Early Intermediate Solos & Duets

Early Intermediate Solos & Duets

Panama 'm Tombe - Cover
Panama ‘m Tombe

The Lonely Loch - Cover
The Lonely Loch

La Paloma-Piano Duet

Paloma Piano - Happy Birthday - Cover
Happy Birthday!

Paloma Piano - Danny Boy - Cover
Danny Boy

Paloma Piano - Petite Canon in D
Petite Canon in D

Paloma Piano - Janie Mama - Cover
Janie Mama

Paloma Piano - Mulberry Street - Cover
Mulberry Street

Paloma Piano Little Mary
Little Mary

Blue Tail Fly
Blue Tail Fly

Simple Variations in Lydian Mode - Cover
Simple Variations in Lydian Mode

Paloma Piano - Ragtime Bells - Cover
Ragtime Bells

Sweet Betsy

Paloma Piano - Shoo Fly - Cover
Shoo Fly

Paloma Piano - Neptune Rag - Cover
Neptune Rag

Paloma Piano - Dolphin Rag - Cover
Dolphin Rag

Paloma Piano Little Liza Jane - Cover
Little Liza Jane

Paloma Piano - Aura Lee - Cover
Aura Lee

Paloma Piano - Milky Way Rag - Cover
Milky Way Rag

Paloma Piano - Farfallina - Cover

Paloma Piano - Kaylie's Garden - Cover
Kaylie’s Garden

Paloma Piano - Los Pollitos - Cover
Los Pollitos – Duet

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