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Hi I’m Doreen Hall.

Welcome to Paloma Piano!

I am a Piano Teacher, Pianist and Composer. I have been teaching, performing and writing music for over 30 years.

I started Paloma Piano because I wanted to have a lot of the things I was using in one place. My vision was to have lots of high quality music and resources that teachers like you and I could legally download and reprint.

As a teacher I found it hard to constantly ask my students to pay for music books and materials. Sending my student’s parents off to buy their own books and materials didn’t always work very well either. In the end I ended up with the responsibility of getting the music myself and hopefully getting reimbursed.

I don’t have that problem anymore. I print out most of what I use here at Paloma Piano.

I hold the copyright for everything on this website and I am allowing teachers to reprint all of the music and materials here for their own students. On this website there are hundreds of pages of piano music and resources. Not samples, but complete books and quality piano music for beginning through late-intermediate students. I have many pieces of of original music. I also have a keen interest in ethnomusicology and have included many arrangements of folk music from around the world. I also published other resources that I use with my own students like Music Theory, Scales, Reading Exercises etc. And I’m always adding more.

Thanks so much for reading!

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“I love Paloma’s music. It’s so  beautiful to hear my child playing.She has been playing “The Lonely Loch” all week long”.  

Janelle B.

“I finally feel like I can really read and understand the music!”

A.G. Student