Music Theory & Instructional Materials

Music Theory

Paloma Piano - Music Theory - Book 1 - Cover
Music Theory – Book 1

Paloma Piano - Music Theory - Accidentals - Cover
Music Theory – Accidentals (Platinum)

Paloma Piano - Music Theory - Intervals
Music Theory – Intervals (Platinum)

Paloma Piano - Music Theory - Major Key Signatures - Cover
Music Theory – Major Key Signatures (Platinum)

Paloma Piano - Music Theory - Major Scales - Cover
Music Theory – Major Scales (Platinum)

Music Theory-Time Signatures (Platinum)

Instructional Materials


Technique Book 1 (Platinum-Platinum Basic-Gold)

Pieces Boys Love to Play (Platinum-Platinum-Basic-Gold)

Parent Information Hand-outs (Platinum-Platinum Basic-Gold)

Paloma Piano - Super Shorties - Cover
NEW – Super Shorties (Platinum)

Rhythm Rx (Platinum)

Major Scales and Arpeggios - Cover
Major Scales and Arpeggios (Platinum)

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