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Method Books

Method Book 1 a

Method Book 1b

Method Book 1c

Paloma Piano Method Book 2a
Method Book 2a

Paloma Piano Method Book 2b
Method Book 2b

Supplemental Materials

Pre-reading. Young students learn to listen and explore the keyboard. The listening videos are set to a backdrop of fine artwork. Click here to watch the video.

Teachers can watch the video “How to use the Petite People’s Primer” posted in the video gallery.

Big Alpha Notes and Fingerings make it easy for parents and students to follow along as they explore the piano. Video Gallery

2 octaves written out with letter names and fingerings.

Elements of music, notes, rhythm, time sigs, whole and half steps and more. To be done at the lesson.

Easy exercises the promote good posture and relaxation of the hand.

The Happy Farmer, Wild Rider, March of the Wooden Soldiers and more classical pieces boys love to play.

The Benefits of Music, Sample Studio Policy and other information for parents.

Beginning Piano Music


A nice piece for beginners.

An easy arrangement of the Nigerian Folksong.

Obstinate left-hand makes it easy for students to practice pedaling. This piece is in Book 2 a.

Cabillito Blance
This Argentinian piece about a white pony is arranged for 4 hands one piano. Listen

Watch the tutorial in the Video Gallery and learn this easy piece. Perfect for recital emergencies.

My adult students love this easy piece. The tutorial is in the Video Gallery

Intermediate Piano Music

Los Pollitos
A duet arrangement of the popular Spanish children’s song.

An arrangement if the Italian song about a beautiful white butterfly. Listen.

A happy little piece in G major. This piece is found in Book 3. Listen

Later Intermediate Music

Sad Rag
In the spirit of Ragtime music. This minor key rag is found in Book 4. Listen.

A Beautiful Arrangement of the Haunting Chinese melody/ Listen.

The arrangement of this American folksong is the last piece in Book 4. Listen.

A bouncy arrangement of the popular Spanish song. This piece is found in Book 3. Listen .