16 Qualities of a Good Piano Teacher part 2

This is part 2 of the list of qualities I believe make for a good piano teacher. I hope you will find the post both enjoyable and thought-provoking. As I said in part 1 when I consider the items on this list I certainly find I have room for improvement. Please take what you like and leave the rest.

A good piano teacher;

  • 9 –Keeps the student’s goals in mind. A good teacher knows what must be taught to be able to play well however, I think it is also important to take into account what students and parents want to get out of taking piano lessons.
  • 10 – Is able to come up with creative solutions to problems. Good teachers are able to think outside of the box in order to come up with innovative ways to help students understand concepts and tackle challenges.
  • 11 – Communicates clearly with both students and parents. A good teacher is able to communicate with students in age-appropriate ways that help each one to understand what is being taught, and what is expected. A good teacher also keeps parents in the loop so that they know what is happening and how they can help and encourage their children.
  •  12 – Knows when it is time to pass the student to someone else. It’s not a sign of failure to send a student to someone new. A teacher who may have more skill in a particular area or maybe a better personality fit for a student.
  •  13 – Is both encouraging and firm. It’s easy in today’s culture to be encouraging, to smile, and make everyone feel great all of the time. What’s not so comfortable is to hold students to a high standard. However, I believe I do my students a disservice if I do not teach them to play correctly. This means musically, accurately, with good technique.
  •  14 – Listens carefully. Listening is an important part of being a teacher. When we listen and really take the time to consider what our students are telling us we have the opportunity to solve problems and help students reach their goals.
  •  15 – Is patient. Patience is a must forever teacher. A teacher must present the concepts same over and over again in as many ways as necessary until the student achieves success.
  •  16 – Has the desire to pass the gift of music along to others. It’s one thing to enjoy playing or composing music. Teaching music is entirely different, it requires a different set of skills. In addition, teaching can very challenging work. It is something that has the potential to enhance lives and bring joy to others.

Love, I believe that having love as the underpinning of a teaching career is the key to the kingdom. The love of music, and the love pf sharing something so wonderful with people.

Thanks for reading.