Invasion of the Piano Snatchers

I wrote “Invasion of the Piano Snatchers” a couple of years ago and posted it at (my blog for parents and students). If you read it you can see that I wasn’t the biggest digital piano enthusiast at the time. Has my opinion changed? Not really. As a pianist, I know that nothing can compare to a fine acoustic piano. I am not trading my  Kawai Grand any time soon.

That being said, digital pianos are here to stay so why not use them to the fullest?

I have decided to publish a collection of pieces, especially for digital pianos. I hope your students will have a great time playing them. I will be releasing them one at a time. The first piece is called Mulberry Street.

Invasion of The Piano Snatchers

88 key imposters are taking over piano studios and homes all over the world. They look like pianos, they sound strangely “pianoesque”. They are cheaper, lighter, never need tuning. They are brought to life by bolts of electricity. Open one up and you will see a maze of wires and circuits. These musical aliens are everywhere and the scariest fact of all is that no one seems to know the difference! Almost no one, that is.

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