The Happiest Piano Teacher in Town

Empowering Teachers to Inspire Students


This is the introduction to my newest project. My Book! “The Happiest Piano Teacher in Town”  It will be published soon at Amazon





You know what’s hard about piano teaching?  I do!  Does the following sound familiar?

“Put your second finger on A.”

“How many beats does the half note get?”

“Play staccato please.”

What about the excruciating experience of teaching students who never practice? Ugh! And then there are the excuses piano teachers frequently hear from their students:

“I didn’t practice this week because…

“I had a birthday party.”

“I couldn’t find my book.”

“I forgot.”

“My mother (father, sister, brother, aunt, cousin, or cat) wouldn’t let me.”

Sitting hour-after-hour in a chair focusing on what someone else is doing—much of the time repeating the same things over and over.  Plus, there are a host of other challenges that accompany piano teaching like starting work when the rest of the world is finishing up their day.  (This is a big challenge for those who are parents and have kids in school.)

Add to all of that:

Preparing students for performances, festivals, and recitals

Organizing recitals so that parents and students get to the right location, at the right time and come away happy.

Getting paid on time

Dealing with challenging parents and caregivers.

Setting boundaries with people who want you to do “just one more thing”?

And those pesky make-up lessons.  

Far too many people don’t even consider piano teaching a “real” profession.  They say things like, “So, you’re a piano teacher.  Is that like…a real  job?”

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