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Teaching preschool piano students is rewarding but it can be a challenge to keep those little ones engaged and making progress. The Ultimate Preschool Piano Activities Book is a must-have for teachers who teach the piano to preschool students.

The book covers: how to determine when children are ready to begin lessons, which skills preschool piano students can and should be learning, how to set up your studio for young students, how to handle behavioral issues and much more. The Ultimate Preschool Piano Activities Book gives teachers complete instructions on how to make and use dozens of games and off-the-bench activities that are perfect for private or group piano lessons.

In addition, this book teaches teachers how to use their own ideas to create games and activities for their students. The Ultimate Preschool Piano Activities Book has everything piano teachers need to conduct fun, stress-free lessons and ensure that preschool students and their parents will be excited and delighted!

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