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Paloma Piano’s Platinum Membership is Closed to new members until August 13, 2018.



Our Platinum Membership offers you everything on the Paloma Piano Website. That’s all of our piano teaching games, method books, music, and resources for unlimited download and reprinting for as long as you are a member. Over 1,000 pages!!


…And we let you resell our materials to your students.


How does it Work?


You pay one low annual price (we also have quarterly and monthly) and you get the license to download reprint and resell all of our music and resources to your students.

All of our resources a PDF stamped with the name of your studio and the date of your licensing period.

As long as you are a Paloma Piano Platinum member you get everything. And we are always adding more!


What Makes Paloma Piano so Different Form other piano teaching websites?


We have a huge library of resources. Not only that, we have things no one else has.

Things like:

“First 4 Before” (a complete program for students who are starting lessons and don’t yet have a piano)

“Rhythm Rx” (rhythmic exercises for transfer students who need help counting)

“Follow Me” and “Follow Me Too” (right and left-hand imitation pieces)

“Super Shorties” (super short reading exercises for students who need help reading)

Plus Method Books, Music, Games, Technique, Theory, and on and on.

And we’re always adding more!


See and Listen to Paloma Piano’s Music and Resources


There is way too much content for us to list and link everything here.

If you would like to get a taste of what we have to offer.

We invite you to grab a cup of coffee or tea and browse the website, watch the videos, and read the blog. When you do you will see the Paloma Piano difference.

Resources created by a 35-year veteran teacher who knows what piano teaching is all about. Music that is skillfully and creatively written and method books without gimmicks that really teach students to read well and understand music.


Visit palomapiano.com Click on the music and resources that interest you. You can listen and see samples of the music right on the site.


Or better yet…


Become a Forever Free Gold Member and download hundreds of pages of free games music and resources.


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