The Value of Independent Piano Work


My goal as a teacher is to make myself unnecessary. I am happiest when I see my alumni playing music they have learned without my help. However, getting students to that point is a complicated process. There is so much to teach and learn. I have come to believe in the value of independent piano work to ensure that my students are indeed becoming self-sufficient musicians. After self-sufficient is what I am going for. Passing on the lifelong gift of music.

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Piano Studio Policies

There are always questions coming up about piano studio policies. Recently I was asked to help draft a studio policy for the Arts Center where I teach. The idea was to come up with several different options and decide on which type of policy would work best for all of the teachers involved. I thought I would share these ideas with all of you.

In my home studio, I am much more flexible with my piano students. This is because I need to travel often to see my family in another state. Being flexible works for me right now.

The bottom line is all teachers need a studio policy so that everyone is clear about what is expected. As the teacher and studio-owner you have the right to set the piano studio policy that works best for your situation.

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