Discovering Peace and Prosperity

I am so honored and excited to present this guest post from my friend and colleague Sarah Buckley, owner of Keys to Success. In addition to being a piano teacher, Sarah uses her business and organizational know how to help musician entrepreneurs to experience both peace and prosperity. (Be sure to read all of the way to the end of the post Sarah has an awesome “Life and Business Alignment Checklist” that she is giving away for free).

Discovering Peace and Prosperity

By Sarah Buckley

As musician entrepreneurs, we are specially equipped. We have been trained to practice long hours, always look for improvement, and appreciate the sweet joy of music every day. On the flip side, we are often also trained to be accustomed to long, crazy busy days, last minute changes, and sacrificing for our art. Some of this training is amazing for running a business. Some, not so much.

Last year, I applied my hunger for constant improvement to big life changes. You might be able to relate to feeling like you have to choose between a balanced family life with a ‘9-5 job’ or following the call of music and resorting to a less balanced family life. With the help of a mentor, I set out to follow my call AND create balance.

“Tiny hinges swing huge doors.” – Ray Edwards

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Playing Piano Over the Summer


Why students Should Continue Playing the Piano Over the Summer

I posted this article last year I am reposting it with a few changes. Feel free to share it with you student’s parents or send them over to piano where I have a similar post.

I had a conversation with a guitar teacher friend the other day and the subject of summer vacation came up. I asked him how his summer teaching usually goes. He admitted that summers are usually very slow and that he wasn’t looking forward to summer vacation at all. I would have to say that most studio teachers (myself included) share that experience. Which leads me to the question should students take the entire summer off of music lessons?
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