19 Reasons I Hate the Piano

19 Reasons I Hate the Piano


What!!! You ask.


What do you mean you hate the piano?


Didn’t you just write a book called “The Happiest Piano Teacher in Town?” And now you are writing a post called “19 reasons I hate the piano.”




Well, what can I say? Everybody has an off day, and today seems like one of these days for me. I think I am just on holiday music overload.

Warning: If you have no sense of humor, don’t read any further.



So, Here Are 19 Reasons I Hate the Piano.


Can you relate to any of them?


Come on…Be honest.

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Countdown to a Stellar Holiday Piano Recital

Ho Ho Ho! Countdown to a Stellar Holiday Piano Recital!

Holiday piano recitals are great. A time for star students to get up there and show their stuff. A time for parents and grandparents to experience the payoff that comes with all of those lessons and all of that practicing. A time for teachers to see the fruits of their labor.

Then again, recitals are also a time when students are nervous, parents are worried, and teachers…well teachers are just plain stressed out! Especially at Holiday Time. But this doesn’t need to be the case. With some careful planning, holiday recitals actually can be fun. How? you ask. Come on, fasten your seatbelt as we launch into a “Countdown to a Stellar and Stress-Free Holiday Piano Recital.”

T-10 Set a Date

Once you decide you want to have a holiday piano recital, set a holiday recital date. Holiday time can be tricky for a lot of families. Some things to consider when setting a recital date are things like; school exams and school concerts. I also recommend booking a recital a few months in advance in order to give students plenty of time to prepare their music. I know some teachers who have a “Winter Recital” after the Holidays. This is a great option if you find that you are just too pressed during December.

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